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Suppose you register with our website, you can get sophisticated products provided by WADAKYU EUROPE, a pioneer, had opened the first manufacturing plant of KATSUO-BUSHI in Europe to familiarize natural UMAMI to all over Europe.

They are also well established manufacturer in Japan. You can get following samples.

The samples aren’t dispatched regularly but at the timing of their suitable schedule.

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What is “Wadakyu”

Japanese “DASHI” specialist “WADAKYU” started in 1925, located in the heart of Tsukiji, the world’s largest wholesale seafood market.

Our main business is the manufacturing and distribution of high quality“KATSUOBUSHI(Smoked and Dried Bonito)” and “KOMBU (Dried Sea Kelp)” to the global market.

A key ingredient in Japanese cuisine, our much loved Katsuobushi products are used in the top restaurant not only Japanese but also international cuisine

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Wadakyu corporation,Wadakyu Europe S.L. is the first KATSUOBUSHI factory in Europe which was founded in 2014 in Spain to produce the freshest and finest quality Katsuobushi for the European market.With a short supply chain and Wadakyu’s legendary quality control, we can now guarantee the same quality Katsuobushi in Europe as we provide to the Tsukiji market in Tokyo, Japan.

“WADAKYU” especialista de “DASHI”  japonés, comenzó en 1925, situado en el corazón del mercado de TSUKIJI que es el mercado de pescados y mariscos más grande del mundo.

Nuestro negocio principal es fabricar y distribuir KATSUOBUSHI (Bonito seco y ahumado) y KOMBU (alga seca)  de la más alta calidad, para el mercado global.

El ingrediente clave de la cocina japonesa es nuestro Katsuobushi , que no solo es utilizado por los mejores restaurantes  japoneses si no también por los mejores restaurantes de cocina internacional.

Con todo el apoyo de Wadakyu corporation, Wadakyu Europe S.L. es el primer fabricante de KATSUOBUSHI en Europa. Fundado en España el año 2014 con la intención de producir Katsuobushi de la más alta calidad. Gracias a  la venta directa sin intermediario y la calidad legendaria de Wadakyu, garantizamos la misma calidad en Europa que en el mercado de Tsukiji,  Tokio, Japón.

Quote from “Wadakyu Site”.

Recipes using “DASHI”

Ground soup with vegetables (Grated onion, Bonito dashi soup and chicken soup)

Sawaniwan Deep fried Chicken fillet Sinjo with rice cracker flakes