Project Description


Ingredients for 3 servings
 Usuimame (Wakayama pea bean) paste: 100 g
 Ichiban dashi: 1800 cc
 Mochi (rice cake): 5 pcs

Cost: 580 yen, time required: 30, the number of chefs required: 1

Ebi shinjo (shrimp dumpling)
 Raw shrimp flesh: 150 g
 Shrimp (30 g): 15 pcs
 Tamago no moto and shrimp oil mixture: 60 g
 Yamato-imo (Japanese yam): 50g


How the dashi is brewed for the soup is very important. In this restaurant, ichiban dashi is brewed from the aged rishiri kombu kelp with the addition of makobu kelp. Allow the kelps to soak for more than 6 hours before boiling. When it is boiled, lower the temperature to about 90 °C, add the katsuobushi and strain it right away to make clear ichiban dashi.
Usu Kuzu Jitate is made by dissolving kuzu in the water in to increase thickness. (The more you add the kuzu, the thicker it will be.) It is also called Yoshino Jitate because Yoshino in Nara prefecture isfamous producing areas for kuzu.
Usuimame paste is added to the ichiban dashi to give a colour that creates the image of spring.
Instead of using vegetable oil which is typically used to make the tamago no moto (egg mixture), in this recipe, I use shrimp oil made from fried shrimp heads. By using 150 cc of shrimp oil per egg yolk, it gives a flavour of shrimp to the tamago no moto, which creats a rich taste.


(1) Remove the intestinal tract of the shrimp, soak in ice water after putting shrimp into the boiled hot water for a short time. Separate the head from the body.
Deep-fry the head in grape seed oil to make shrimp oil, then chill at room temperature.

(2) Mash the shrimp body roughly, put into a mortar or grinding bowl made of woods and salt.

(3) Pestle the flesh of the raw shrimp, add tamago no moto and shrimp oil mixture, and grated yamatoimo. Make into round-shaped dumplings, called Ebi shinjo (shrimp dumpling) then steam.

(4) Boil the usuimame in salt water, then peel. Add ichiban dashi. Using the mixer to make a paste then strain.

(5) Put the ebi shinjo (shrimp dumplings), vegetables and mochi in a serving bowl.

(6) Add the usuimame paste to the ichiban dashi, adjust the taste with salt and light soy sauce, add kuzu to thicken it to some extent, then pour into the serving bowl.

Chef: Hiroshi Igawa
Maihama Hotel Emion Tokyo Bay
Head Chef

RecipeName: Usuimame Usu Kuzu Jitate
Ebi shinjo (shrimp dumpling)
  Uguisuna (a type of Japanese turnip greens)
  Carrot, Udo (mountain asparagus)
 Mochi (rice cake)