Project Description


[For 4 servings]

Sweet sea beam :200g
Brown soba noodle :240g
Small amount of leek
Wasabi : ;ott;e
Umami sauce

Basic soup sotck : 10
Mirin : 1
Light soy sauce : 0.5
Dark soy sauce : 0.5


Shinshu steam dish is a steamed roll of soba with white fish. It is called “Shinshu steam” or “Shinano steam” because Shinshu (Nagano prefecture) is known for soba. The best season is from the end of October to early November, which is the time to introduce brand new soba.
This recipe is the simple version, which is soba is rolled by white fish fillet. In addition, soba and dark soy sauce broth is delicious so there will be thick sauce recipe using both light and dark soy sauces.
The reason for boiingl the soba in al dente is because it is need to be steamed late. In this recipe, I used the cha soba that can be rest after boiled. It is better to use the one that doesn’t get soften easily. You can use normal soba but I used green to fit the red fish to consider about color balance.


1. Pour boiled water on the cut sweet sea beam and rinse sweet sea beam with sake.

2. Boil cha soba noodle in al dente, cool with cold water, then drain it.

3. Roll soba with sea beam and place in container to steam it.

4. Pour umami sauce and serve with thin sliced leek and wasabi.

Chef: Shimada Takao/Ginza Kasuga/November 2014
RecipeName: Steamed Soba Shinshu style