Project Description

Various dishes using YAMASA Shoyu-Ann (Soy Sauce Glaze): Cold Soup


A cold soup dish topped with Shoyu-Ann(Soy Sauce Glaze) made with ‘YAMASA Brewed Soy Sauce’
Mash the ingredients of the soup well, leaving some chunks to taste.
Only top with YAMASA Shoyu-Ann when it is ready to be served as it can soon sink with time.
This creation using YAMASA Shoyu-Ann is widely used due to the fact that it goes amazingly well with staples such as pasta and rice.


Toshiya Kadowaki

Born in 1960 in Hokkaido, Japan.
Perfected himself in Japanese cuisine at well-known restaurants such as Tsukiji Uemura, Kamogawa and Kaientei. In 2000, opened his own restaurant, “Azabu Kadowaki” in Azabu-Juban, Tokyo.
A lot of celebrities are a fan of his cuisine. His dishes based on outside-the-box thinking are masterpieces, which take Japanese cuisine to a whole new level.
His ability and skill has been recognized with two Michelin stars.


‘YAMASA Brewed Soy Sauce’

Authentic Japanese soy sauce with its unique aroma, translucent reddish brown colour and rich flavour. YAMASA; truly original flavour for expertised chefs.

Ingredients for making Various dishes using YAMASA Shoyu-Ann: Cold Soup.

YAMASA Shoyu-Ann
Broth [Note 1] 500cc
YAMASA Brewed Soy Sauce 50cc
Mirin (if available) 50cc
Substitute for mirin Japanese sake Japanese sake and sugar (combined): 50cc
Sugar 1/10th of Japanese sake
Yoshino arrowroot (or potato starch if unavailable) 20g
Broth [Note 1] (If Yoshino arrowroot is used), or water (If potato starch is used) 60cc

Note 1: The broth is made with 1,800cc of water, 10cm square of dry kelp, and 60g of dried bonito shavings

Cold soup
May Queen Potatoes 50g
Cauliflower 1/3
Milk 300cc
Butter 20g
Fresh cream 15cc
Dry kelp broth 100cc

How to make Various dishes using YAMASA Shoyu-Ann: Cold Soup.

YAMASA Shoyu-Ann Make the broth, ‘YAMASA Brewed Soy Sauce’, and mirin (*1) at a rate of 10:1:1. Add the Yoshino Kuzu [20g](or potato starch[20g] if unavailable) and broth[60cc]/water[60cc]. Heat to thicken.
*1 How to make mirin Heat the Japanese sake in a pot, flambéing until the fire extinguishes to burn off the alcohol.
Add sugar to the ratio of 1/10th of the Japanese sake.
Preparation of the vegetables: Mash
Cut the vegetables before boiling them so that the cauliflower is approx. 3cm and the May Queen potato approx. 5cm. (Boiling time: 3 minutes for the cauliflower, 5 minutes for the potato)
Stir-fry the boiled cauliflower and potato with butter[20g] for approx. 1 minute.
Blend the milk[300cc], dry kelp broth[100cc] and fresh cream[15cc] in a food processor for approx. 2 minutes.
Process them until some chunks still remain.
Done! Top it with YAMASA Shoyu-Ann after setting aside to cool and chilling in a refridgerator for approx. 30 minutes.