Project Description


Ingredients for 10 servings
Yomogi-fu: 1/3 pc
Raw yuba: 2 sheets
Naka-age yuba (semi dried yuba): 1 sheet
Turnips: 3 pcs
Shiitake mushrooms: 10 pcs

Cost: 400 yen, time required: 30 minutes, number of chefs required: 1

Kombu dashi (kelp soup stock)
 Water: 1800 ml
 Rishiri kombu kelp: 30 g
 Makobu kelp: 20 g
 Vegetables scraps: as needed


Shiromiso Jitate is a type of soup that is a little sweeter, mainly made from white miso such as Saikyo miso. For this recipe, after the miso is added to the kombu dashi, it should not immediately put into a bowl. Instead, it should be boiled briefly on a low heat to bring out the unique and rich taste of the white miso. When you make kombu dashi, vegetable scraps such as peels of onions and carrots can be added. With the addition of the vegetable scraps to the dashi, the dish can be appealing to vegetarian customers. It can also be served as Shojin-ryori (Buddhist monk cuisine). Recently, this vegetable-based dashi is widely used and katsuo dashi (dried shaved bonito soup stock) is not used as much for making soup due to vegitarians’ requests and religious reason.
In order to prevent to make the soup clouudy, or muddy colour in the soup and to enjoy the texture better, not putting raw yuba into the soup directly, but the raw yuba is rolled with the semi-dried yuba. Grilling the yuba after rolling it up will bring out a nice aroma.


(1) For kombudashi, soak the kombu in water for 6 hours then boil. Remove the kombu when the temperature becomes 80° C. Add the vegetable scraps, 20 minutes later, strain it.

(2) Cut the yomogi-fu then grill. Dip the raw yuba in wari-joyu (arrnged soy sauce with dashi, yuzu, and so on), roll it up with the semi-dried yuba and grill on skewers.

(3) For the turnips, wash the skin, boil with rice water(water that has been used to wash rice), and cook them with dashi to add a taste little.

(4) Arrange the yomogi-fu, grilled yuba, and vegetables scraps in the serving bowl. Pour over the kombu dashi boiled briefly with Saikyo miso.

Chef: Hiroshi Igawa
Maihama Hotel Emion Tokyo Bay
Head Chef

RecipeName: Shiromiso Jitate(white Miso based soup)
  Saikyo Miso. Yomogi-fu (mugwort gluten). yuba (tofu skin)
  turnips, shiitake mushrooms
  carrots, mitsuba (Japanese wild parsley)
  karashi (Japanese spicy mustard)