Project Description


[For 4 servings]
Chicken Fillet : 100g
Pork back fat : 50g
Grated Japanese yam: 10g
Egg white : 1/2
Bubu Arare : 100g
Pumpkin : 50g
Carrot : 50g
Burdock : 50g
Daikon radish : 50g
Asparagus : 50g
shimeji mushroom : 80g
Leek : 1/2


Recently, customers expect the originality and color of Sawaniwan more. I really wanted to add some pork back fat, so I attempted to match with chicken shinjo since it is the same meat as category. Also, when the dashi contains oil, it will increase the richness in the soup so by putting the rice cracker flakes on shinjo to compensate the oil. Traditionally, the vegetables in Sawaniwan were thinly cut but I arranged to dice cut in equal size to have difference in the presentation. For doing so will change the appearance of the dish and texture.


1. After treating the chicken fillet, ground it and mix with grated Japanese yam and egg white, then adjust the flavor. Add it with pork back fat then dressed with small rice cracker flakes, and then deep fry.

2. Cut pumpkin, carrots, burdock, daikon radish, asparagus, shimeji mushroom, into dice, then boil them. After boiling, infuse flavor in soup stock.

Chef: Kawabata Kiyotaka/Kotoritei/July 2014
RecipeName: Sawaniwan Deep fried Chicken fillet Sinjo with rice cracker flakes