Project Description


[Sanbai vinegar]
Vinegar : 3
Sugar : 2
Light soy sauce : 1
Basic soup stock : 6-9
A dash of Mirin


This time is a vinegared dish, so cut the seaweed to keep the fresh texture and will retain its delicious taste. Cut the cucumber in tube shape as moterwaves. Cut the red radish in thin and shave the edge so that it will float beautifuly around in water. Slice the ginger thinly and deep fry with sesame oil, which deep fry crispy.
There are many kinds of vinegar. Grain vinegar is composed of 40g of grains, such as wheat per 1L of brewed vinegar and it is characterized by a refreshing taste. In addition there are rice vinegar that exudes the flavor of rice, black rice vinegar, Kozu, Kasuzu, barley black vinegar, and pearl barley vinegar.
As for fruit vinegars, it takes about 300g of fruit juice per 1L of fruit vinegar. Moreover, apple cider vinegar in which the apple juice is the main raw material, grape juice is the main raw material in grape vinegar, which has rich grape aroma and tastes like balsamic vinegar.
Other than those vinegars, there are vinegar that made from fermented acetic acid bacteria from raw materials, including the alcohol content, and dilute the glacial acetic acid or acetic acid with water, sugar, acidity level, there is also synthetic vinegar seasoned to taste umami seasoning.
Those vinegars mixed with seasoning is called Awasezu.


1.Soak seaweed in water to soften, pour the hot salted water to create vivid colors and pour cold water to rinse and remove moisture.

2. Rub the cucumber with salt and cut it in tube like a moterwaves.

3. Remove the protective slime on the outer part of the octopus and cut and remove the suckers and the skin then broil the surface in a skewer. Then cool them down and slice thinly the pour Sanbai vinegar on them.

4. Grill the paprika open fire and rinse the skin.

5. Slice the red radish thin and soak in water.

6. Slice the ginger and boil then soak in water. Deep fry it after air drying.

Chef: Ohgawara Minoru/Suigetsu hotel Ohgaisou/May 2014
RecipeName: Marinated seaweed and cucumber