Project Description


[4 servings]
Minced duck meat: 80g
Grated Japanese yam: 5g
Egg white: 1/2
Green onion: 1
Pumpkin 50g
Shimeji mushroom: 30g
Potherb mustard: 1bunch


Kamonanban is a noodle dish with hot sauce over it. It is called so because kamo, the duck meat and negi, the green onion are used for it. This time, it was used as a bowl dish. Mainly, a bowl dish is classified as either Sumashi-jiru or Nigori. This time, served is the “grated onion ground soup”. Because grated onion ground soup is unusual, I hope this will invigorate a conversation between customers. Ground soup can be made with a variety of food materials. Green peas, for example, its smell would disappear by adding sesame paste a little bit and bring thickness to the taste. However, new onions won’t stand as a bowl dish because if you stir it till it turns in golden brown, it would get too sweet. Some of the food materials may not be suitable, so try any way and it will add more cooking varieties to your recipe.
Boil the white part of the onion once, and take out as Oka-age without straining water, then sprinkle salt. Then after removing the moist and make a paste of bonito dashi and chicken soup together with a mixer to express the “ground soup”.


1. Mix the minced duck meat, grated Japanese yam, and egg white, adjust the flavour, and make a fishball by adding a warm water with kombu seaweed in it.

2. Boil the green onion quickly, move into a siv, sprinkle salt, and make a paste with it once cooled off. Mix the broth of bowl dish with the pasted green onion with seasoning, and thicken with kudzu.

3. After boiling pumpkin and shimeji mushroom, penetrate the flavour of the broth of the bowl dish.

4. Boil potherb mustard quickly to turn the colour vividly, then penetrate the flavour of the broth of the bowl dish.

Chef: Kawabata Kiyotaka/Kotoritei/February 2014
RecipeName: Ground soup with vegetables
(Grated onion, Bonito dashi soup and chicken soup)