Project Description

Flounder Kombujime flavoured with Soy Sauce


A flounder dish topped with ‘YAMASA Brewed Soy Sauce’ and marinated in kombu
You could also add Taihaku sesame oil or olive oil when ready to eat.
Please note that using a strongly scented extra virgin olive oil will deprive ‘YAMASA Brewed Soy Sauce’ of its great aroma.
While strongly scented olive oils are great for removing any unpleasant smell of bad aging fishes, please endeavour to use a less fragrant olive oil on this occassion. The freshness of the flounder is more important.


Toshiya Kadowaki

Born in 1960 in Hokkaido, Japan.
Perfected himself in Japanese cuisine at well-known restaurants such as Tsukiji Uemura, Kamogawa and Kaientei. In 2000, opened his own restaurant, “Azabu Kadowaki” in Azabu-Juban, Tokyo.
A lot of celebrities are a fan of his cuisine. His dishes based on outside-the-box thinking are masterpieces, which take Japanese cuisine to a whole new level.
His ability and skill has been recognized with two Michelin stars.


‘YAMASA Brewed Soy Sauce’

Authentic Japanese soy sauce with its unique aroma, translucent reddish brown colour and rich flavour. YAMASA; truly original flavour for expertised chefs.

Ingredients for making Flounder Kombujime flavoured with Soy Sauce.

Flounder: upper part 160g
Dry kelp (kombu) 2 sheets
YAMASA Brewed Soy Sauce A little
Wasabi 1~2g
Salt 1~2g
Taihaku sesame oil/olive oil A little

How to make Flounder Kombujime flavoured with Soy Sauce.

Preparation of the flounder: Coat with ‘YAMASA Brewed Soy Sauce’
Remove all bones and skin from the flounder so only flesh remains.Coat a brush with a generous amount of ‘YAMASA Brewed Soy Sauce’ and apply to the flounder once .(It is important not to apply multiple times.)Leave at room temperature for approx. 5 minutes.
Kombujime (kelp marinade)
Sandwich it between some dried kelp.
Prepare a pot of water that is 3 times heavier than the cut flounder. Wrap the flounder/dry kelp sandwich with cling film and place inside.

Leave in a refrigerator for 1 hour.

Take it out from the refrigerator an hour later, and remove the dry kelp.
Cut it into 3mm pieces before placing on a plate.
Apply oil
Coat a brush with a generous amount of Taihaku sesame oil/olive oil and apply to the flounder once.
(It is important not to apply multiple times.)
Done! Add a touch of wasabi[1-2g] and salt[1-2g] before serving.