Project Description

Chicken and prawn tempura rice bowl


To make tempura rice bowl with chicken thigh and prawns, and spray the tempura sauce made with YAMASA Brewed Soy Sauce.
Food stuffs with uneven surface, like tempura, may be difficult to coat the sauce to the entire surface evenly. Spraying is quite a useful way to flavour the tempura all over.
Ensure that spraying is after dishing up the tempura and the rice in a bowl, otherwise the tempura batter will get sticky.


Toshiya Kadowaki

Born in 1960 in Hokkaido, Japan.
Perfected himself in Japanese cuisine at well-known restaurants such as Tsukiji Uemura, Kamogawa and Kaientei. In 2000, opened his own restaurant, “Azabu Kadowaki” in Azabu-Juban, Tokyo.
A lot of celebrities are a fan of his cuisine. His dishes based on outside-the-box thinking are masterpieces, which take Japanese cuisine to a whole new level.
His ability and skill has been recognized with two Michelin stars.


‘YAMASA Brewed Soy Sauce’

Authentic Japanese soy sauce with its unique aroma, translucent reddish brown colour and rich flavour. YAMASA; truly original flavour for expertised chefs.

Ingredients for making Chicken and prawn tempura rice bowl

Chicken and prawn tempura rice bowl

Chicken thigh meat (boneless) 200g
Prawns[30g] 8 pieces
Pumpkin 60g
Rice(cooked) 150g

Tempura sauce

Broth [Note 1] 100cc
YAMASA Brewed Soy Sauce 25cc
Mirin (if available) 25cc
Substitute for mirin Japanese sake Japanese sake and sugar (combined): 50cc
Sugar 1/10th of Japanese sake
Sugar 5g

Note 1: The broth is made with 1,800cc of water, 10cm square of dry kelp, and 60g of dried bonito shavings

How to make Chicken and prawn tempura rice bowl

Remove the skin and Pound the chicken thigh with a  kitchen knife Tenderise the chicken thigh meat[200g] by making shallow cuts at 1-2 mm spaces a kitchen knife on the muscles (don’t cut all the way through, just pound the meat).
Fry the ingredients to make tempura Batter the chicken thigh[200g] and pumpkin[60g] and deep-fry them in 180℃ oil for 4 minutes.
DSC_0634 Remove the deep-fried chicken thigh and pumpkin from the oil, batter the prawns[30g, 8 pieces] and deep-fry them for 4 minutes.
Spray the tempura sauce DSC_0638 Put hot rice[150g] in a bowl and spray the tempura sauce (*1) for about 30 times until the rice gets a little brown.
Place the chicken, prawns and pumpkin tempura on the rice and spray the tempura sauce for about 50 times to flavour all the tempura evenly.
How to make tempura sauce DSC_0624

*1 How to make tempura sauce
Put broth[100cc], ‘YAMASA Brewed Soy Sauce'[25cc], mirin (or a substitute if not available)[25cc] and sugar[5g] in a pan.
Simmer it over a low heat until the liquid volume is reduced to 80%. Be careful not to burn it.