Project Description


For 4 servings
Daikon radish: 80g
Carrot: 20g
Cucumber: 20g
Paprika : 20g
Jew’s ear: 20g
A dash of Yuzu citrus zest
A dash of Dried chili pepper
4 Grape berries

-Sweet vinegar (vinegar for namasu salad)
500cc Vinegar
400g Sugar
20g Salt
-Sweet vinegar gelee
10 Grape berries
100cc Water
40cc Vinegar
30g Sugar
1.5g Salt
Paul agar or gelatin

Recipe Tips

Sprinkle some salt over the vegetables, and wrapped in a cloth and rub in order to remove the excess moisture, the process will also help these vegetables absorb the seasonings better, achieve the crispy texture, change the color and luster of the vegetables, and also bring the transparency thereby creating more tasty appearance. It is suggested to rub the vegetables as if you are washing the rice. Firmness of the vegetables is different from one by one, so make sure to rub them separately. I have chosen daikon radish, carrot, cucumber, paprika and Jew’s ear for the summer season. Vinegared dishes used to be called “namasu”, and it used to be the dish to enjoy the julienned seafood, games, and vegetables or eat them raw, and season the fresh ingredients with blended vinegar or seasoned vinegar


1. Peel the daikon radish, carrot, cucumber, julienne them, sprinkle some salt to make them softer, rinse the salt and cover them in a cloth and rub it.

2. Grill the paprikas over the open flame, and rinse away the skin. Julienne the Jew’s ear, boil it to cook.

3. Pickle the daikon radish, carrot, paprika, Jew’ ear, yuzu zest, and a dash of dried chili pepper with sweet vinegar for half a day. Prepare the daikon radish in katsura-muki, let it soak in salted water, briefly place them into hot water, and soak them in cold water. Wipe off the moisture, marinate it in sweet vinegar, and wrap 5 types of ingredients.

4. Sweet vinegar gelee: Blanch the grapes in hot water and peel, remove the seeds, marinate in sweet vinegar. Chop the grapes into fine bits, prepare gelee with edible gelling agent, and garnish the fresh grapes.

1. Rinse the scallops with water, wipe off the moisture, sprinkle some salt over them, place them in between two konbu kelps, and rise them with vinegar. Dice the smoked salmon

Chef: Ohgawara Minoru/Suigetsu hotel Ohgaisou/August 2013
5-color namasu salad